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Pat’s beautiful scrappy hearts quilt reminds me to mention that all the quilts (and some completed tops) that have been posted here are labeled quilts so . . . if you’re ever curious about other lotto quilts that have been made, you can find some of them here using that label/link.

Of course, I know there have been others . . . and if you happen to have made one and would like to share a photo, please feel free to share it (or send a photo or link to me and I will post it on your behalf). There have been some beautiful quilts made over of the years . . . and more than a few sets of blocks are still aging nicely, I suspect (including the set of string blocks I won in January, 2007 😉

Edited to Add, remember there are INCENTIVES to completing projects or quilts from your lotto winnings. From the Block Lotto Guidelines:


If you complete a quilt from your blocks (quilted and bound),
you can DOUBLE your chances (during a month of your choice). If you finish piecing a top or complete a project (or projects) using some of your lotto blocks, you can earn 4 extra chances for the month of your choice.

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