Thrifty Q & A

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I have answered a couple questions as they have been asked (and updated the first blog post of the month), but thought a couple things might be worth repeating.

Your PINK fabric may be light, medium or dark in value, soft or bright in tone. Any PINK will do for these blocks.

Here’s a random selection of blocks (mine and some of the sneek peeker blocks) that illustrate quite a range of pinks)

Sandy's Thrifty Block #1 Pink + Black + White Thrifty block #12
Julie's Thrifty Block #2 Pink + Black + White Thrifty block #15
Caroline's Thrifty Block #1 Caroline's Thrifty Block #5 Thrifty block #8

The one thing these blocks all have in common is that they all share a Black (or black and white) “X” through the center. We aren’t making blocks with white paths this month.

. . . or I thought all my examples had nice black X’s through the center until I just noticed the OOPS block in the lower left corner above . . . and I know how easy it is to flip the last seem when you are putting them together, because I planned to share the photo of my own OOPS block:

An OOPS block example

If you end up with a block that looks like this (or Caroline’s above), it means you flipped the unit before your last seam. The “good news” is that you only have to rip out one seam to fix it. The bad news is that you have to rip out one seam to fix it . . . just like I did ;-(

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