Finally, still straggling in, Christine’s blocks

Posted by on August 13, 2009 in blocks | 1 comment

Hi, We’ve returned from our 2 week trip, mailed your boomer blocks, read emails, caught up on real mail, now to go do laundry and catch up on sending emails, etc. Hope these cute little guys have fun at your house.

My hubby was very surprised, I never searched or shopped quilt-related items the whole 3800 mile trip. The weekend before we left I bought for a dollar each 4 large gallon baggies stuffed with quilt strips, etc. at a local craft sale and I paced my fabric fondling urge with sorting, folding, and oohing the baggie contents every so many days. The best part was the fabric was scraps from one of the area’s best quilters.

Now to use some of these finds in little log cabin blocks. Kathy in Colo

1 Comment

  1. 3800 miles!! Wow, that must have been some trip! I'll bet you came back with lots of memories . . . if no quilt purchases 😉

    Welcome home.

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