2/3 sent!

Posted by on December 18, 2009 in blocks | 3 comments

I got two of the three envelopes off with blocks yesterday, Trudi since I have to fill out a customs form and both girls were in the car sleeping, and (of course) there was a HUGE line, I just drooped what I could in the mailbox outside and yours will have to wait until the Post Office opens on Monday, sorry!!!


  1. No problem Lisa, it's such abusy time for all Post Offices at the moment :o)

  2. Update…I hope you check the comment. We got out and about today, nto for long but we had to get one of the cars into a shop so we were out…I had to pickl up a package, and was able to get your blocks off! HORRAY one less thing on my insane to-do list!

  3. Thank you Lisa, I will keep an eye out for the postman in a few days 🙂 Hope you 'to-do' list is getting shorter! Trudi

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