Lois Goblinf January Blocks

Posted by on January 24, 2010 in blocks | 5 comments

Thank you very much for letting me join, and to Sophie for being so friendly and helpful.  These are my nine blocks. 
If it helps to get us to the five winner point, I can also throw in the brown tenth block to help make up the numbers (I realise this won’t get me an extra chance, but it might help get another winner’s prize together, and I really can’t see me using it, I’ve too many UFPs already).
Fabric Care:
1. Because I self-printed the WOW it doesn’t behave quite like a commercial fabric, anyone who wins these should iron them on the Wool Setting of their iron to avoid the ink blackening/ ‘burning’ or use a pressing cloth – the sateen’s got quite a high thread count so does iron quite well on a low heat, the issue is the ink.  I’ve kept back a strip of the WOW and will send a bit to the winner(s) so they can test their iron heat on it rather than on the blocks themselves.
2 Because the brights are selfdyed I’ve washed a madeup block at 60 degrees and there was no colour bleed or fading (nor thankfully any falling apart!).  It’s all brand new 100% cotton sateen from the same roll. 
3.  If you do win the blocks and have problems with the cloth, please let me know as it’s pretty much what I’ll be using all year, and I don’t want to produce something that people can’t use.


  1. Beautiful, glad you joined!

  2. Lois, I'm going to take you up on your offer to include the 10th block. Whether or not we make it to five winners (we're now 16 blocks away), it sounds like it will be more useful to one of the winners than you 😉

    They all look great!

    Your blocks have been added to the list; our new total-so-far this month is 211.

  3. Welcome to this fun group.

  4. Excellent, I won't bother posting a pic of the brown tenth block unless you want me to, but have put it safe with the other 9 so it doesn't get lost anywhere….

    I'm on a mission to reduce the level of stuff I own, so it's a step in the right direction!

  5. 'I'm on a mission to reduce the level of stuff I own, so it's a step in the right direction!'

    Goblinf, that is my goal too. It's the reason I joined blocklotto in the first place. Win or lose each month, I'm using up some of my scrap fabrics; and I'll be happy to have a hand in someone else's finished quilt. It is going in the right direction!

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