1. Nice! You're blocks are on the list, for a new total-so-far of 85 blocks.

    Have you noticed that, so far, I'm the only one donating my chances this month? I'm thinking we'll be able to make a few people happy when they win blocks this month.

  2. Hi Sophie – I'd like to join Block Lotto this month, my 9 blocks are all stictched. Just need to officially sign up with you. I dashed you an email a few days ago, not sure that you got it.

    How do I sign up to join the fun?

  3. Carrie, I finally found your email–sometimes I really need to follow my own advice and check the SPAM folder. (I'm not sure why google mail has suddenly started aggressively declaring a lot of good mail SPAM, but that's my problem, not yours).

    I have all your info. You should have email from me and an invitation to become an author on this blog.

    Welcome to the Block Lotto.

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