I Couldn’t Decide on Binding Fabric, so …

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Scrappy Binding
. . . I used some blue scraps and went with six different ones 😉

My little block lotto blog button quilt is essentially finished; I need to add a label–a quilt with such a geeky purpose needs an explanation, I think . . . and I should probably confess to being the geek who made it. But, other than that, it’s ready to become a button/badge for anyone who’d like to use it.

As you can see, I stitched right through all the words on this one (unlike the banner in which I carefully outlined everything).  I think both ways work. 

Before I publish the HTML code for everyone (or everyone who wants to use it, anyway), I’d love your opinions on a couple of things:

  1. Should there be “directional text” under the image and, if so, what should that text be?  It needs to be short and sweet.  I’ve thought about “The Block Lotto Blog”, “Join the Block Lotto” or “Come play with us” and I’m not crazy about any of those.  Got a good idea for me?
  2. How large should the button be: tiny,  small, medium or large?
Block Lotto Blog Button Quilt

Block Lotto Blog Button Quilt

Block Lotto Blog Button Quilt

Block Lotto Blog Button Quilt

The actual button/badge code will bring you to this blog, but if you click the images now, they’ll take you to Flickr for a closer look a the little (17 x 22 inches) quilt.


  1. Opinion:
    re: size – I like the 3rd image.
    re: directional text – how about the URL for the block lotto maybe – (www.blocklotto.blogspot.com)- – (horizontally under the word "Lotto"?

    ?? just a thought – –

  2. Doh! Why aren't I surprised that I didn't think of the obvious. We'll have to make sure that the font for the URL is small enough that it doesn't wrap, but I like that idea.

  3. I like either the small or medium. The tiny is (IMHO) too small and the large, well, too large! Like the idea of the URL, though I didn't think of it either…

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