Love Letters – Q & A

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Because there was more discussion among the sneak-peekers than I can remember, I thought we might need a space to recap questions (and answers).   I think I covered everything that has come up so far in the main message … I’ll add new Q&A here.

Q: How many word blocks will the February winners receive? 

A:  Since this month our blocks aren’t typical, size-wize, it will take fewer “blocks” than usual to make a quilt.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

1 – 23 blocks ………………….. one winner
24 – 51 blocks …………………. 2 winners
52 – 71 blocks …………………..3 winners
72 – 91 blocks …………………..4 winners

My targets are that each winner would receive at least 12 blocks and the target set size would be 20.

Q: Is there a maximum width?  What if my expression is very wide?

A: If you think your multi-word block is going to be too wide to be used in a quilt by the winner(s), construct it in such a way that it can be split between words and used on two lines in the quilt.  If you are creating a block with a lot of letters, think about making them with a skinny font.   I created quite a fat “font” for the block lotto banner because I wanted it to get wide … As a reference, those letters are also 6 inches tall and the banner quilt is 54 inches wide.

Q: Can we repeat word blocks (ours or those made by others)?

A: All of your blocks should be unique words or phrases (so no repeating yourself), but you can create blocks using the same words as others.
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