Blocks from Andra

Posted by on April 9, 2010 in blocks | 5 comments

I received two sets from Andra today. Only problem is, I’m not supposed to have received any from Andra. Sophie, if you or Andra can figure out the rightful recipient, I’d be happy to send them on. In fact there’s no cancellation stamp on the stamps so I can probably just readdress it.


  1. It's a puzzle. Both Carrie and June have posted that they have received blocks from Andra. They should have each received 2 pairs of blocks. Dianah is the third person Andra should have mailed to, and I'm guessing that's who should have the blocks you received, but she should only be receiving one pair of blocks.

    I'll investigate. Look for email from me.

  2. There was an earlier post from Andra that she sent out her mom janet's blocks under her name.

  3. Linda, you're brilliant! Thanks for reminding us of that. The blocks Pat received are Janet's blocks!

  4. Oh, good. I get to keep the blocks! I'm too new to know who's who. Thanks Linda!

  5. Andra did send her blocks and mine at the same time and forgot to note who they were from but they are from me, dont send them to anyone they are for you!just from Janet instead of Andra

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