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As promised, here’s a photo of all of my 49 March blocks. Does anyone have any suggestions for them? Sew them together as is, sash them, use them for tote bags, etc.? I’m all ears.

Thanks everyone who participated last month. I love the blue/green/purple color combo. And what a variety of fabrics. I don’t think there were any repeats among they various players.


  1. I think I'd strip them and maybe use either bright or "warm" cornerstones.

    I hope this is allowed, but page 41 of Marston's Liberated Quiltmaking has an interesting setting if you like to show off the actual quilting. The liberated logs are on point and alternated with a solid solid white blocks. For your blocks I'd pick my favorite of green, blue or purple for the solid.

    You'd have enough for a quilt and some bags.

  2. When I was making my tote, I was thinking these blocks would make great bags. I also like the idea of using them as alternate blocks, combining them with other quilt blocks, a pretty fabric or plain fabric (ready for interesting quilting).

    I went looking to see if I could find a photo of Gwen Marston's quilt online … google failed me, but I did find a nice liberated log cabin made by Bonnie Hunter in an interesting strippy setting–here's a link: Crazy Amish Strippy

  3. Thanks for the ideas. I actually own Freddie and Gwen's book, but can't find it! Off to search more extensively.

    I took a liberated stars class with Gwen Marsten, have my blocks, but the book isn't with them. She is a delight!

  4. 3" wide sashing in white to really set off each block and give it a bit of a modern feel.

  5. My visual impression of all of them was sort of a Picasso "guernica" vibe (but no T so violent or depressing). More just the colors and the " cubist"feel. I think it could be an interesting art experiment to play with these and some black/white grey backgounds to see what you come up with.
    (crazy) Linda in big d
    in other words, make them even wonkier!

  6. I also googled the quilt I mentioned in the earlier comment (not by Marston, but in her book) and couldn't find it online, but if can't find your copy, email me separately and maybe I can hook you up! drkimhall(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Love Linda's idea of a wonkier art quilt as well. You could cut into them again and make liberated stars in the corners. So many ways you can go with these blocks!

  7. I pulled out Gwen's book and looked at the Lopsided Logs quilt (which is NOT made by Marston … I'm thinking that's why we can't find it online anywhere). I did find this Liberated Log Cabin Quilt on Gwen' website, It's a nice example of the blocks set in a straight set with a wide border in a strong color–if you like lime green, I think it could be an interesting choice.

  8. What an idea — look on her website. I found it. Oh, and lime green and I are very good friends, Sophie.

  9. Opinion:
    I think that a regular OR "on point" setting with bright sashing or alternate blocks would look fabulous! A bright color like lime, or pink or a perky contrast, even a print could do the trick! Good Luck!

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