Shoo Fly Synchronicity

Posted by on April 8, 2010 in blocks | 1 comment

Look what I found in the Connecting Threads catalog that arrived in the mail today.

These Shoo Fly blocks (CT refers to them as churn dashes) are more stretched than wonky, but have those rectangular centers that I just mentioned this morning (in a comment to Kate’s post) that I like so much 😉

If you are a fan of appliqué–or wanted to give it a try–this could be a great setting idea for wonky Shoo flies, too. You could even use the easy free-form machine appliquéd posies we made for the lotto a couple years ago for the flower blocks.

FYI, Connecting Threads sells this as a Wall Hanging Kit. The finished size is 28 1/3 by 36 inches. (Click the image to go to the CT page with more details).

1 Comment

  1. I saw that yesterday Sophie and thought it was cute. Could use this months blocks. I also saw a pattern that I liked and it made me think of liberated blocks. It's from the After Hours collection (red, white & black) called Box Step on page 29. I have a lot of r,b & w fabrics and am thinking about making this.

    Oh! I decided to donate my changes this month.


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