Wonky Shoe Fly

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This month’s 9 blocks.  They’re a real stash buster – the solid orange and dark blue fabrics are my own self-double-dyed colourfast to 60 degrees, so am very confident about them not running when washing. The dark floral and the turquoise fabrics were given to me by friends when I helped them move house recently.  The purple floral, and the rosebud, the blue rose and the pink solid were given to my mum by friends she helped move house.
I also made an extra block (the one on the left of the pic below) as I used the third method and made blocks in pairs.  Plus another set of blocks  in all pink. Why? Well, I got confused and for some reason decided I needed 12 pieces of 11″ fabric to make 9 blocks.  Yeah, I know, those brits are rubbish at maths!  And me a tax accountant by trade.  All I can say is life’s worn me out this month and my number skills are suffering.
Then I read Kim’s post about getting all excited about making the blocks and she made 80.  Eighty! It must’ve taken hours! I decided to be as enthusiastic as Kim but on a smaller scale, and made another 5 sets of the pink on pink vintage 1980s Laura Ashley fabric (again gifted by friends for helping them), like this pic below. I did them all on Sunday and it took all day. I think I’m probably slower than anyone else… but I enjoyed it.
So, the 9 blocks in the first pic are my entry for this month.  Plus the far left block in pic two to go in the pot.  And as I like these blocks so much and even though I won in January, I’m going to be naughty and not donate my chances this month, I want to win win win!
The other blocks in pink on pink in the bottom pic don’t follow the rules of this month’s Lotto and are just posted for fun as a sort of inadequately sized ‘show & tell’ chortle.  I’ve got some little bits of both fabrics left and shall be working out how to shoehorn them into some sort of setting to make the 12 blocks stretch to a baby’s size quilt.  Eventually.
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