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Finally had a chance to make some more of these (I made two for the sneak peek) – such fun and a lovely block. Please pick my name this month (hmm, perhaps if I offer a sacrifice to the god of the block lotto?)!


  1. You are too funny, Kate. Who do you imagine the "god of the block lotto" might be?

    Your additional blocks bring our total-so-far for May to 99 lotto blocks. Anyone up for a chorus of:

    99 lotto blocks on my design wall,
    99 blocks for the lotto
    if I should win, I won't win them all,
    but I'll have . . .
    A lot of new lotto blocks on my design wall 😉

    (OK that's silly and someone could do so much better, but I couldn't resist).

  2. Hmm, well, Sophie you are undeniably the Goddess of Block Lotto, but that's a different thing entirely and I'm sure you are sea-green incorruptible anyway! LOL Still, I haven't won in quite a while, so maybe it's my turn again?

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