blocks are on their way!

Posted by on May 14, 2010 in blocks | 3 comments

The lady at the post office was NOT happy with me when I brought my crate full of things to mail (I’d been procrastinating because of how much I had and how I hate to part with $ of course unless it’s related to fabric!) during my lunch. Included in there were my blocks to the winners. Sorry it took me so long but I wanted all the pain at once at the post office! They were sent first class, so 5ish days?


  1. Thanks for the update. It looks like there are only a few blocks left to be mailed. Thank you (and EVERYONE) for making the effort.

  2. I always laugh (in a sort of ironic way) when I read comments like this – I know just what you mean about them being grumpy in the post office when they see you with a big stack of things to mail – but really, why should they be? I mean, not only is it their job to mail stuff, but lord knows they complain enough about people NOT using the postal service, they should really be rejoicing when they see folks with big stacks of parcels, shouldn't they? LOL

  3. I remember a postal carrier's almost violet reaction when I met at the mailbox one day and asked how I could stop the "occupant" junk mail from coming to me. From her perspective, I'd be taking away her job … and she never answered my question.

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