Blocks (hopefully) flying over the pond

Posted by on May 17, 2010 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

I’m just back from the Post Office, my blocks are on their way Laura, Debbie and Michelle.  Hopefully they won’t have to fight with the Ash cloud for airspace.  It is hoped to have cleared by tomorrow.  I hope you like them.  My sincere apologies for the delay.


  1. Who knew we'd ever have to contend with volcanoes and ash clouds effecting the block lotto? Thanks for getting the blocks in the mail. We all know that things happen to everyone occasionally.

    I believe with your blocks and Kristen's in the mail … there's only a single block unaccounted for. With allowances for ash clouds and blocks that seem to choose the "scenic route" in the mails, we've almost wrapped up April.

  2. I made sure there were addresses inside each squishie, I know first hand how they can take the scenic route! Hopefully they will all get there by the end of the week!

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