Busy, busy Me!

Posted by on June 11, 2010 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

I have been rather overwhelmed with things at home, or rather not being able to stay home much, and just discovered that I failed to post that I mailed my Reed blocks on June 1…aAt least I think I failed to post…I really don’t have time to go back and read all the blog entries to be sure. LOL! I’m sure the lucky winners have received them by now.

I hope everyone is having fun with the basket blocks. They sure are cute! I did manage to get 9 made before the busy-ness started. I don’t know if Sophie put up pictures of all of them, so here they are:
Now another busy day ahead for me. Bill paying, grocery shopping, getting a flat tire repaired/replaced. I wish I could just stay home and sew!


  1. I hope you DO get a chance to stay home and sew soon. I had you covered (and posted the photo of your blocks and added them to the list), but it's fine to have another look. They're great.

  2. I love your baskets, Michelle.

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