Gwen’s Liberated Basket Quilts

Posted by on June 12, 2010 in blocks | 6 comments

It seemed like it was time for more eye candy and inspiration . . . and maybe a setting idea, too.  I found this photo of this workshop example on Gwen Marston’s blog.

These basket blocks aren’t exactly like ours, but share a lot of the same charming qualities. I love the border on this quilt, too.

Follow the link above for more examples of Gwen’s work, both traditional and liberated, on her site. You can also read an interview with Gwen (and see a couple more of her Liberated Basket quilts as well as other quilts) here, on the Real Women Quilt site: Featured Quilter – Gwen Marston.


  1. What a terrific quilt. Very inspirational! Now we only have to win some blocks!

  2. Great quilt and fun to read the article – but really like your yellow and red take on the baskets, Sophie. Your choice in that brings our blocks to a high level!

  3. Thanks, June. Obviously, I like my color choices … it's nice to know when others do, too. I think the blocks this month have been fantastic so far.

  4. : )

  5. This is an interesting article. Thanks for sharing. I took a Liberated Stars class with Gwen. She is so sweet. Just love her.

  6. I bought the book and love all
    Gwens ideas.

    Thanks for sharing.


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