June 10 Liberated Basket Blocks

Posted by on June 27, 2010 in blocks | 6 comments

Wow, those handles are fun to make.  Hi there, I’m a neewbie at this and these are my 4 entries for June.  I may get at more tomorrow, but for now these are my entries in the Lotto.


  1. Uh oh … it's finally happened. I'm not sure which "Pat" you are. Pattilou from Utah or Pat K from California maybe?

  2. Pattilou from Utah! I don't know how to change my google identity, so I can just sign my posts when I make them…will that work?

  3. Fun cat fabric!

  4. Yes, Pat, just sign your posts Pat from Utah or Pattilou and I'll know it's you.

  5. Love the cats peeking out at us!

  6. Great cat in a basket!

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