june 10 liberated-style basket block

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Hi, I have finally gotten the second set of basket blocks finished. The first set I am keeping. I discovered that the red ran, even after the fabric had been treated to remove excess colour, and the blocks were made. The new set is made with colourfast red, so there should be no problems.

I hope you like these.



  1. That is so heart-breaking when a fabric in a finished block or quilt bleeds. I hope you'll be able to salvage the first set of blocks and make something fun from them.

    Just to make sure … I'm assuming that what looks like pinkish backgrounds (on the screen of the borrowed laptop I'm using) in three of the blocks is actually a shade of yellow or gold. Is that right?

  2. I have been washing my fabric with vinegar – then extra rinse. Then after I cut the strips have been putting it in water for awhile – then if it still leaves color soak in vinegar and rinse, rinse, rinse in water until it comes clear. The lady at Jo-Ann's said to also soak in salt (instead of getting the stuff they sell). What do you-all do to check the colors?

  3. One way to check for color fastness is to wet the fabric, place it on a piece of muslin and iron it. If the color comes out on the white/cream muslin, then the fabric is not colorfast.

    Prewashing questionable fabrics with a commercial dyecloth or color-catcher will also give you some indication. If the color-catcher picks up a lot of the color, then, I test afterward at the ironing board.

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