… and 4 more

Posted by on July 31, 2010 in blocks | 2 comments

Here are four more blocks from me (on dark navy) . . . for a total of 231 blocks this month.

Four more Fireworks Blocks

This means we will have FIVE WINNERS. The first four names randomly selected will receive a set of 48 blocks and the fifth winner will receive a smaller set of 39 blocks.

I’m off to put together the long list of names for Pat (aka Pattilou) to randomly select the winners.

Cross your fingers everyone 😉


  1. Did you get mine Sophie?


  2. I did … I just didn't know I had them until I opened my mail. I was too busy this morning making those last minute blocks of mine. It's all good now. You're on the list and in the drawing … and we'll get the blogger author problem straightened out so you have access to post here.

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