Because someone asked …

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. . . and I figure others may be wondering.

YES,  it is perfectly OK to add background fabric to a too-small block to bring it up to size.  Part of the liberated quilting approach is chopping off anything that is too big and, if something is is too small, ADD ON. I had fully intended to make some blocks intentionally small as examples, but because of my move (and my LIFE), I haven’t been able to make blocks for this month  . . .YET.  (I still have 24 hours and I am perhaps foolishly optimistic 😉

Here’s the Block Pattern info, from the July 1 blog post, with new emphasis added on the relative sentence:


For instructions for making this block, download Asterisks from Tonya Ricucci’s tutorial page on her UnRuly Quilter website.

We are making larger blocks than Tonya’s: 8-1/2 inches square to finish at 8 inches in the winners’ quilts.  I suggest beginning with a 10 square of background fabric to give you some wiggle room to trim and square up; and cutting the strips 1-to-2 inches wide. If your block comes out a little too small, don’t fret, just trim it to 7-1/2 inches or less (in one or both directions) and add a strip of background fabric to bring it up to size.

As usual, you may make up to a maximum of NINE BLOCKS this month.

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