Rho’s Finished Quilt from Polka Dot Blocks

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There’s a “firewall” between Rho and the blog right now, but she wanted to share the “final” photos of her quilt made from her December 2009 lotto winnings . . .  so she emailed me these photos.  She wrote:

I wanted to show these “final” pics of my block lotto winnings to everyone.  I’ve have it quilted now, and it’s on it’s way to my sister for it’s final rest, or home I should say.

A big thanx to all who sent me the blocks to complete this quilt.  It turned out well, if I may say so and my sister loved it when I first sent the pic to her.  I used every single block I was sent and I made an additional forty or so to complete the project.  A real team effort.

The perspective in this photo is interesting . . . because it was taken by her 4-year-old granddaughter.

Honestly.  I was out in the backyard, where I usually am taking these pic, and she said “grandma”, “grandma”, let me take one – so I let her take one. And pic #1 is the result.  You’ll notice the “vantage” point in pic # 1, is due to her height perspective.

Rho's Polka Dot Quilt -- front and back Rho's Polka Dot Quilt - backing
Rho's Polk Dot quilt folded

I uploaded these photos to my Flickr photostream, clicking any of them will take you to the flickr photo page with options for seeing larger images.

Thanks for sharing with us, Rho, and congratulations on this finish.

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