Tic Tac Toe – January winnings progress

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Sorry for the poor picture, but I’m very excited – this is the nearly completed flimsy of my January 2010 Tic Tac Toe winnings. There’s just one row of 7 purple blocks not yet set with sashing/cornerstones to add to one end.

Don’t look too closely – the cornerstones don’t match. But that’s fine with me.

Once the last row is on, it makes it 7 blocks by 9 – but actually it needs to be 9 blocks by 9 blocks. So I need another two rows of blocks at each side – another 18 blocks. I’ll probably do them in the same colours as the rows, but all with coloured backgrounds and white crosses. Or maybe I’ll do a bit of lettering. Am undecided.

I do want to ask some questions though – where’s the best place to find out:

1. I’ve got some cotton to use as the backing, but I’m not using batting as this quilt is going to be my bedcover which keeps my duvet cover free of cat hair (Ivor cat only trespasses on other furniture in the flat if he’s banned from the bed, so he gets to sleep on the bed, I only have to worry about hair on the bed), so it’ll be washed fortnightly/ weekly, so needs to be small enough to go into the machine, and to dry pretty quickly. I have loads of safety pins to use to baste the two layers together – and will probably just sew up & down the sashing lines to quilt it by machine, but do I add the binding before or after I’ve quilted it?

2. How far apart do my quilting lines need to be? Do I need to quilt inside the blocks as well – bearing in mind there won’t be any batting.

3. Should I put the completed flimsy in the washing machine (a) before quilting (b) before binding or (c) after it’s all completed?

4. What else do I need to know that I don’t know because it’s the first time I’ve done any quiltmaking?

Hopefully someone will be able to point me towards an idiot’s guide to making the quilt bit to completion on the net!



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