Wonky Get Well Geese for Mary Jane!

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A while ago, Mary Jane suggested liberated flying geese to me as a potential lotto block and since I’d already decided on a set of blocks for this year, I parked it on my list of possible future blocks.

Today,  making some wonky get well geese to entertain and encourage Mary Jane while she recovers and rehabs seemed like the perfect match for me. My camera has gone missing and I’m still a long ways from unpacking my fabrics, sewing machine and other necessities, but these will be easy and fun and I think I can describe the parameters of making them now and add photos when I can . . . or when one of you sends me some to use (hint, hint, hint).

The blocks you send to Mary Jane–and please feel free to send her a few (or a bunch) so she’ll end up with enough to make something wonderful when she’s able to sew again–should measure 3.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide.


Mary Jane said:

Why not make the liberated geese truly bright scrappy – any colors are fine mixed with neutral – WOW, BOB, or COC – maker’s choice. 

For the goose part of the block   something bright – maker’s choice
For the sky, a neutral tone on tone (TOT) print: white-on-white (WOW), black-on-black (BOB) or cream-on-cream (COC).

  1. Start with a piece of your bright geese fabric, in the neighborhood of 3.5 inches by 6.5 inches–a little smaller or larger will work, so you don’t even have to measure anything yet 😉 
  2. Drawing with your rotary cutter and a straight edge, create a triangle that is flat on the bottom and pointy at the top.
  3. Add sky fabric to the two sides (non-bottom) of the triangle.  You might start with a square (4 inches or a bit larger), slice it in half diagonally , then add a triangle of sky to each side of your goose.
  4. Square up the block so that it measures 6.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. 
    • If your flying goose is too short, add more sky fabric to the top and then trim to size. 
    • It it isn’t wide enough, add sky fabric to one or both sides and trim to size.
    • If it is too tall, trim the bottom and keep the point.
    • If it is too wide, don’t worry about preserving the points on the sides. 

If you need Mary Jane’s mailing address, Contact Me and I’ll share it with you via email.
Both Mary Jane and I thought these would be great to use in a liberated interpretation of the Dutchman’s Puzzle block.  If she decides to go this route, she’ll need 8 get well geese to make a single Liberated Dutchman, so feel free to make and send lots of Get Well Geese. 


Sharing photos on the block lotto blog is optional–if you want to post a photo of your wonky geese blocks, please add the label get well geese.   If you would like to share, I think some initial inspirational eye candy would be nice,  hint, hint, hint . . . especially since I don’t know when I’ll be unpacked and unbusy enough to make samples.  Thanks in advance 😉
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