Big D Roses

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These are my 2 entries; they were fun. I started with a triangle instead of a pentagon, so I hope that’s okay. Mine are blockier and pointier than I would like, but I liked playing with the variation between darker and lighter shades. If I get time, I want to see if my stash has some yellow/coral/oranges that are close enought to try the effect of one of those variegated tea roses. (yellow petals with just a hint of the orange/coral at the tips). I love those.
My daughter announced her engagement on 7/4 (wedding not for 2 years), so you’ll see a little bridal print in the white rose if you look closely.
I do like the effect of putting a swirly print in the center; it may be cheating but it helps.
Linda Big D

1 Comment

  1. It looks like you're growing some great roses in Dallas 😉

    I've added them to the list. With a pair of roses form a pair of Lindas, we now have a total of 71 blocks.

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