Drawing Deadline Reminder and …

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My work schedule has changed and the deadline on Tuesday, August 31 will be at NOON sharp Eastern Daylight Time.  That’s 11AM in Texas (and the rest of the Central Time Zone), 10AM in Denver (Mountain Time), 9AM on the West Coast … 5PM in the UK (I think), etc.

I need to be able to mail the list for the drawing very soon after the deadline (and then race to the office).

. . . Speaking of sending off the list of names for the drawing, I have been too distracted to ask for a volunteer to do the honors.  If you are donating your chances this month or didn’t have the time or inclination to make Rose blocks and would be willing to be the winner picker, please email me.


  1. FYI, we have a winner picker. Debbie E. will be doing the honors this month.

  2. Hi Sophie,

    I've sent you a couple of emails about joining the lotto but don't think you have received them…I've made a rose block which I think is OK and would love to join in the fun! As I am having trouble contacting you please could you email me and perhaps when I reply it will get through?!

    My email is hjpurvis2002(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

    Many thanks,

  3. Helen, you *should* have an email message from me. Sometimes mail between Googlemail and Yahoo seems problematic–I wish those two competitors would play nicely 😉

    We would love to have you join the fun.

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