Two more roses

Posted by on August 8, 2010 in blocks | 2 comments

Here are my two rose entries.

After a bit of a struggle with adding the green, I came across a pretty good way to do it. I used a paper bag for the template and after I had finished the rose, I laid it down on the template and traced around it. I then folded on the line where the green would go (the triangle part and it made a pattern of sorts. I placed that on a corner of the green and then cut leaving a seam allowance. Does that make sense? It worked well for me. I was planning on cutting the paper and making an actual pattern, but was too lazy to cut more templates. I had to add some sides because for some reason when I was trimming I was thinking 9″ not 9.5″.


  1. Your paper bag method makes perfect sense to me and it looks like it worked great for you. Your roses are lovely. I've added them to the list.

  2. Thanks Sophie…I was just about ready to give up, when the idea struck me 🙂

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