Checking in

Posted by on October 2, 2010 in blocks | Comments Off on Checking in

I did get 2 houses done for September…soon to be mailed…but I had hoped to do more. My surgery Sept.15 was to have been laparoscopic/robotic and have one night in the hospital. Well things didn’t go as planned and though the surgery started out with 5 small incisions for the laparoscope and robot hands, the adrenal mass was wrapped around b;lood vessels and statrted to fall apart anfd the surgeon had to make a nice 5″ incision above my belly button requiring 13 staples. Instead of 2 hours, surgery lasted 5 hours and required 2 units of blood. Instead of 1 hour in recovery room it was 3 hours…and another 2 units of blood. Instead of going home on the 16th, I went home on the 23rd. And instead of a quick recuperation it looks like it may take a while. I’m hoping to get my DD to clean off the mess she left on my sewing table early next week. Maybe by mid week I’ll be able to handle a couple hours at a time sitting upright without hurting. Surgery left me with a large hematoma in the area where they removed the adrenal gland (think right under the ribs in back to know where I ache most). It just takes time for that to go away. I sure do want to make some of this month’s stars. Everyone’s are looking really nice!

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