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I did get 2 houses done for September…soon to be mailed…but I had hoped to do more. My surgery Sept.15 was to have been laparoscopic/robotic and have one night in the hospital. Well things didn’t go as planned and though the surgery started out with 5 small incisions for the laparoscope and robot hands, the adrenal mass was wrapped around b;lood vessels and statrted to fall apart anfd the surgeon had to make a nice 5″ incision above my belly button requiring 13 staples. Instead of 2 hours, surgery lasted 5 hours and required 2 units of blood. Instead of 1 hour in recovery room it was 3 hours…and another 2 units of blood. Instead of going home on the 16th, I went home on the 23rd. And instead of a quick recuperation it looks like it may take a while. I’m hoping to get my DD to clean off the mess she left on my sewing table early next week. Maybe by mid week I’ll be able to handle a couple hours at a time sitting upright without hurting. Surgery left me with a large hematoma in the area where they removed the adrenal gland (think right under the ribs in back to know where I ache most). It just takes time for that to go away. I sure do want to make some of this month’s stars. Everyone’s are looking really nice!


  1. Michelle – Sorry to hear it's been such a rough time for you. Hope they gave you some exercises to do. PT and OT will help – and time.

  2. So sorry surgery wasn't as expected and you have to take longer to get back up and going. My prayers are with you.

  3. You kept popping into my head lately … and maybe this is why. It sounds like the good news is that the surgery was successful, even if it didn't go as planned. I know your clan is taking good care of you–the big challenge for you may be LETTING them be the caretakers. Take it easy, my friend.

  4. Things will be better now that you're home. Take it easy. Sewing will wait for you. Thinking about you.
    Janet (S)

  5. Take care of yourself. These things take time. Priority one right now, heal. The sewing will be there.

    It must be disappointing to have had the more invasive surgery, but thank goodness they could and did resort to that when needed.

  6. I'm so sorry that your surgery turned out to be more difficult than anticipated. Tell DD that people all over blogland want her to clean off your sewing space so that it's nice when you are ready to go back!

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