Variable Star Oct 2010 photo

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Hi, it’s “”NEWBIE”” Kate ‘A‘ here with my very first Variable Star block.

This is actually only the second of these blocks I have made. I did one earlier today as a trial. It was!!! LOL
This second one was much easier but I have only managed one so far as I am not well. I had to visit A&E on Saturday night for about 5 hours and I still feel quite weak. But I don’t like anything getting the better of me so I just sat down and made the star and enjoyed it.
The colours are much nicer in real life. The photo was taken a few minutes ago under electric lighting. The bright colour is more magenta than red and the background fabric is a gorgeous white on white fabric.It’s actually quite pretty in a wonky kinda way!!
There will be more to come.
Kate A

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