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Hello everyone!!! My name is Belinda and I have been following/LURKING block lotto for a while now. WOW…you gals have done some wonderful blocks!!! When I saw variable/wonky stars were going to be the block for this month I HAD to join in. I L-O-V-E cute little wonky stars but I must say…these are the largest ones I have ever made!! I made 2 stars to start with!! I also have a tutorial on these stars over on my blog…browndirtcottage.blogspot.com….look on my sidebar under my labels and click on ‘stars’.

Hey Sophie……if you think my stars here are not right or might not fit in with the others….please let me know and I will correct my next ones!!!
I am excited seeing the stars already made and am anxious to see more!! GO STARS!!!!!!


  1. Welcome to the block lotto! I've added your stars to the list. Our new total-so-far this month is 49 blocks.

  2. wow..that star within the star is cool. welcome to the block lotto

  3. I love that first block. These posts have inspired me to "pimp my stars" and get some real wonkiness in my future.

    Your blog is a feast for the eyes!

  4. ooo I love your tutorial. I would really like to link to it with my blog if that is OK with you.
    It makes the stars seem even easier,
    The star with the star in the centre is awsome!

  5. Thanks ladies for your inspiring compliments….I think stars are my most favorite block of all time to create….any way they are 'whooped' up I. LIKE.

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