Snails Trail

Posted by on November 13, 2010 in blocks | 7 comments

Here’s my second block for the month. I’ve been wanting to make a snails trail block ever since I saw it in a quilt ten years ago that was in a quilt magazine. The whole quilt top was in blue’s and teals and looked ocean-y. It was so purdy…it inspired me. So…ten years later, here’s mine. Enjoy!


  1. I like this block – might have to try it sometime too.

  2. Hello, just a new follower and I am hooked…love the quilt square. I'll be checking to see what wonderful new quilt blocks you come up with.

  3. We made scrappy Snail's Trails blocks the first year of the Block lotto (the block is also known as Monkey Wrench … maybe it's time to do it again.

    I've updated your number of blocks on the list. With Andi's blocks and this one, our new total-so-far this month is 45.

  4. I love the block, and your yellow/golds around it really set it off.

  5. Really a beautiful block. I may have to hunt up the snail's trail instruction!

  6. Kim, there's a link to a 12-inch Snail's Trail block on the Block Patterns page.

  7. Well I think you did a great job on it!!!

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