A Test of Email Posting

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When I tried this earlier in the week, I think I goofed and my test post ended up on my sophie junction blog, instead of here … so, I’m trying one more time to see how posting to the blog via email would work.

I am pretty sure that anything posted this way will appear to come from me, so, everyone who uses the email address would have to be SURE to add their name so I’d know who made the blocks, mailed the blocks, etc.

If it works, it could be a viable way to expand the number of authors for the blog.  After my housecleaning last month, we had 30 author slots available. So far this month, a dozen people have contacted me about joining us.  We have some breathing room, but it would be nice to know if this will work.

sophie … crossing her fingers

EDITED TO ADD:  Yay!  It worked … do I have a volunteer who might prefer to post via email?

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