… and the (MANY) Winners are …

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It stands to reason that if I raced home during my lunch hour, that I’d have network/blogger problems and struggle to post the winners names.  I’m hoping the post-by-email function will work (since that’s how I am posting this.

Here are the January Winners:

  1. Cathy C (36 blocks)
  2. Mary Beth (35 blocks) – newbie!

    Edit to admit to another OOPS–Mary Beth ALSO donated her blocks, so Julie Wy (another newbie!) is our new winner #2

  3. Kina (35 blocks) – newbie!

    Everyone else will win a set of 30 blocks

  4. Karie
  5. Sara H 

    Edited to admit, OOPs, I Goofed — Sara donated her chances and Michelle L is the new winner #5

  6. Lisa M – newbie!
  7. Linda N
  8. Barbara B
  9. Pokey – newbie!
  10. Melinda – newbie!
  11. Caroline
  12. Wilma

If you are thinking that newbies had a lot of luck this month … remember we had EIGHTEEN people make lotto blocks for the first time in January. 

The  Random Number generator site worked pretty well … Two people won TWICE and so I had to “draw” again for two more names.

I have to race back to the office now, but will be sending email to all the winners tonight asking:

  1. How many of your own blocks would you like to keep?
  2. Carefully confirm that the name and mailing address I have for you is correct (before I send it out to the 50-some quilters who made blocks this month!)

What a month it has been!  Congrats to the winners and to everyone who made this a record-breaking month.  18 NEWBIES!!  376 BLOCKS!!


  1. I don't THINK there is another "Sara H", and you have me down as a winner. But I said to donate my chances this month!

    Can you please draw a different winner?

  2. Congratulations to all of the winners – new and old!!

  3. Congrats to the winners. Make something pretty. I am saddened not to see my name on that listing. Guess I will have to make some more for me one day.

  4. Oooo!!! I won! I won!
    thank you so much 😉

  5. not sure if you have more than one Mary Beth but if you do I donated my chances. You might get this faster if I e-mail you….

  6. I won! I am so happy! (between you and me…I really wanted to win this month) Thanks everyone. Karie

  7. Oh, what a blessing! We just went through a very "unlucky" December, and this is a boon to the spirit, I'm tellin' ya! Thank you.

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