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If you follow the Block Lotto Blog with a smart phone, then you already know that I turned on the mobile template for this blog.

You won’t see any of the stuff that’s in the side bars (like the monthly list of blocks) unless you click over to “view the web version,” but, I am really happy with how it displays the blog posts.  You’ll see the the first image in the post and a few lines with an arrow to click to read the whole post.

The mobile version also has the “tabs” for the extra pages at the top.

Speaking of extra pages … in case you use a feed reader to read the blog and missed it, I have added a Blog Roll.  It will contain the list of blogs written by those who make lotto blocks in 2011 and have shared their blog info with me.

For the moment, the list consists of anyone with with a blog who received the sneak peek email and made January blocks.  I know it will become considerably longer during the year.

Speaking of blogs, don’t forget that if you want to add the block lotto badge to your blog, the code you need to add the image and link to your blog or website is in the right sidebar.  For directions on how to add it to a blog on Blogspot, see the post, Adding a Block Lotto Badge to Your Blog.

1 Comment

  1. busy busy bee over there! your work is always appriciated, I am sorry I haven't had a chance to make you a rose yet, but I do appriciate all you do for us!

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