December Winner in shock!

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Hi, [imagine very shocked face], I cant believe that for my first month with Block Lotto I am a winner.  Thank you all so much for letting me join, and mega thanks to the kind ladies who donated their chances to myself and the other newbies. 

I am still giddy from the email (I missed the winner announcement post as my screen cleared the December posts and just showed January’s) and feel incredibly lucky as this is my second blog win in a week (me, whose last win was a jar of honey 39 years ago!)

I look forward to being able to pay forward my luck, and will be donating my stack blocks (with a reluctant sob, but fair is fair!) so that will spread the luck!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

What more can I add?  (Apart from Happy New Year all!)


1 Comment

  1. I won as a newbie the first month too, Block Lotto is great for beginner's luck! Happy sewing.

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