MORE squishies :-)

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Hi all

I have now also received trees from Belinda, Deana, Kathie and Michelle, which leaves Melinda’s and Sophie’s blocks to come.

Sophie you asked about ‘Quality Control’.  All my blocks look to be really well made, so no problems there, although I havent started sewing them together.  It did occur to me that if I found a problem once I started sewing them it would be difficult to see whose was the problem.  One of my ladies kindly put a sticker with her name on the back of each one she sent me, so I will do that too when I have some ready to post (initially in blog land …any day now!)

What has thrown me is that the list showing who is sending me blocks uses people’s first names, and the envelopes quite often only have the sender’s surnames on them, so although I have blogged about them I have to hope that I have attributed the right trees to the right senders!  Would it be possible for the members’ surnames to be shown on the list too, or would people prefer not to have this shown?



  1. I would be interested to hear what everyone thinks about the idea of sharing full names–through comments here or private email to me. I have traditionally included first name + location so the winners would be able to figure out from whom their blocks came while allowing everyone to be as anonymous as they choose to be when sending them.

    I also wonder if YOU are seeing mire surnames because those if us in the states completed official customs paperwork.

    … Posting from my iPhone with apologies in advance for any fat-fingered misspellings that were automatically "corrected" to be wrong 🙁

  2. It's fine with me – my full name is on my blog anyway, and is fairly obviously from the username I use in most places, as well…

  3. (And armed with that information, most people can probable work out my middle initial, too!)

  4. Funny girl, Kate!

    As you might have figured out, posting from my iPhone IS problematic and I ended up posting the same comment TWICE. (and yea, I meant to type that I wondered if Benta was seeing MORE surnames than usual because of the customs paperwork thing.

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