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Hi everyone! I’m Andrew. I’m fairly new to quilting. I’ve quilted on and off with my grandmother for a couple of years. But last year I finished my first quilt on my own! I even quilted it myself on my Mom’s old Bernina (not exactly a longarm). I was pretty proud of myself. I will post a pic of it sometime soon. Anyway I’ve completed 2 squares so far and have fabric cut for 4 more. Thanks for including me and good luck everybody!


  1. Welcome Andrew! I hope you have as much fun as I've been having with the group. Great blocks!

  2. Welcome to the Block Lotto, Andrew! I love the variation of color and scale in the fabrics in your blocks.

    Your Mom's "old Bernina" may not be a longarm, but … those older models are treasured by quilters by the reliability and the great stitch they make. Hang onto it.

    I've added your blocks to the list–we now have a total-so-far of 272 blocks.

    I don't know if we'll reach a new record high for blocks–though it seems likely–but with a DOZEN new people joining this month, we definitely have a record number of newbies … and maybe even a record number of quilters making blocks. When I send out the sneak peek email next week, it will be going to at least 45 quilters (not much of a secret, huh?)

  3. Welcome Andrew – Your blocks are very nice. The block lotto is lots of fun- you will really enjoy it!

  4. Welcome Andrew … hope you have a great time here 🙂

  5. Welcome Andrew. I'm new this month too 🙂 Love the prints that you used!

  6. Thanks for the warm welcome! And, Sophie, I actually do realize what a great machine I got from my Mom. I just meant that not being a longarm made quilting a challenge. But you are completely right about a great stitch! Thanks again everybody!

  7. Welcome! You've got some great fabric already in your stash. Have fun using it in this year's Lottos. Kathie L in Allentown

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