Updated Blog Roll

Posted by on January 18, 2011 in blocks | 2 comments

I just added a handful of new blogs to our blog roll.  If you have made and posted Stacks blocks this month and your blog isn’t listed (and you WANT it to be), let me know.

I just cross checked the list against the block list and I *think* I have included all the ones I know about.

In my reader, I have a folder for the blogs people who have played the lotto over the years and I check those pretty regularly.  You all make for some interesting reading (and eye candy 😉


  1. Hi Sophie,

    I'm interested in joining the group. I sent an email but have had some problems with my email so when I didn't hear back I decided it may not have gone through after all. Hope you have room for one more! -Andrew

  2. I love that you have that up on a tab. It makes it so easy! Thank you! As soon as I'm finished sewing today, I know right where I'm going to play!

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