Will our process scale?

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We’re going to have at LEAST 10 winners this month and probably at least 350 blocks to mail. I’m beginning to wonder how well our process will scale. I’ve decided NOT to ask someone else to randomly choose the winners and will do it myself this month  . . .  just in case things don’t scale so well.

For the benefit of the (many!) newbies this month, here’s what will happen on Monday.

Sometime after NOON (East Cost time),  I’ll take the list and turn it into an even longer numbered list, where everyone appears once for each block they make.  I’ll add up the donated chances and split them up among the (many!) newbies and the handful of others who have not yet won a set of lotto blocks.

I’ll use this Random Number Generator to “pick” 10 numbers in the range of the long list. (It could be more than 10–however number of winners we have).

I’ll compare the random numbers to the long list to see who won and make sure that no one wins twice.  If someone has won more than once, I’ll go back to the Random Number generator and pick some another winner, rinse and repeat until we have 10 (or however many) UNIQUE winners.

The winners’ names will be posted on the blog.  I’ll also email all the winners to let them know and ask them:

  1. How many of their own blocks they’d like to keep
  2. To confirm that the name and mailing address I have for them is correct (before I send it to everyone).

Then, I’ll create the mailing info to send to everyone which will have mailing addresses for all the winners and a (VERY) big chart which shows all the blocks we made and how many of your blocks you’ll send to one, two or three of the winners.   And then all our blocks in squishie envelopes can be sent to the winners … what great “valenties” our winners will be receiving from all of you.

FYI, because of my work schedule (where I have 2 hours of meetings in the middle of each day) and my lack of access to (most of) the internet from work, the “drawing” may have to happen later in the day … but the NOON deadline will still apply. 


  1. I cannot imagine! I have enough trouble staying organized in a swap where everyone sends me five blocks, gets five back & includes the envelope to return them, all stamped & addressed. Good Luck!

  2. I can't get over how well you keep on top of this Sophie. If you need us to do things (other than mail our blocks on time), let us know!


  3. Thank you for all the behind the scenes work and effort! I'm so happy to have found the BlockLotto – it's helped me to get back into piecing!

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