Stacks Coming and Going and a New Blog Post label request

Posted by on February 16, 2011 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

I probably should have seen this flurry of measages coming–after all we did make 378 blocks–and asked you all to label your posts accordingly.   But I didn’t, so I’ll ask for the following coming forward.

If you are posting about sending OR receiving Stacks blocks, please add the label stacks to your post.

Please also add the label:

stacks-mailed if you are posting about sending blocks
stacks-received if you are posting about receiving blocks

It will make it easier for the winners (and me) to go back and see who has mailed (and posted about it–remember it is optional) and (for me) which blocks the winners have received (also optional to post about).

I’ve gone back and added (or changed) labels to follow this convention.  So, if you have already mailed or received and posted about it, you’re all set 😉

Rainbow #2 Pincushion . . . speaking of stacks.  I saw this adorable pin cushion today on Carol’s MamaCJT blog post A New Day.   Anyone who made January blocks could easily make one of these, right . . . just shrink those strips to make a block that’s pincushion-sized 😉


  1. Love that little pincushion! Great idea.

    I forgot to mention, please donate my chances this month, Sophie. Thanks!

  2. And if you turn those stacks lotto blocks into a bed quilt, a design like that would be a great pillow sham! Embroidering black pin dots would be a wonderful touch on the sham, or else just using white and black dotted fabric.

  3. Sharon I made a note to donate your chances this month. Thanks.

    I like the pillow sham idea … the winners could even add some background to one of their blocks, quilt it, add a back and turn it into a throw pillow.

    I woke up this morning thinking about the measurements to make a stacks pincushion and as I was making coffee, the idea grew into the notion of making a series of pincushions this year, each one based on the lotto block of the month. My little stuffed heart (which I plan to wear as a pin) could be made into the February pincushion 😉

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