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First, I believe I have gone through all of the comments and emails telling me what I missed (or maybe didn’t receive.) Please check the list again and make sure you’re on it. If I failed to post photos of your blocks, please post them.  The assortment of fabrics already this month is amazing–I think I’ve only see two repeats in the 135 blocks made so far.

Second, I just heard from Kathy B from Lubbock Texas and can now finish up the mailing info tonight.

Because of the challenges of keeping up with a growing number of sneak peekers (and the blocks they make!), the problems of quickly responding to problems when they occur, and the problem that I never considered (a winner who might not know she’s a winner for days … holding EVERYONE up), I need to make some CHANGES.


  • The virtual quilt may not contain a photo of every block mailed to me.   The blocks used in the quilt may be a selection of those received based on best photos or earliest photos or most representative photos.
  • EVERYONE, including people whose blocks have been used in the virtual quilt will be responsible for posting photos of their own blocks after the first of the month. Blocks will be added to the list after they have been posted by the block maker.


  •  Winners must contact me within 24 hours of the drawing.  If they do not, they FORFEIT their blocks and a substitute winner will be chosen. FYI, it’s easy, all you have to do is reply to the email that I send EVERY WINNER.  If you are going to be away from any computer access on the last day of the month, you can advise me ahead of time so I will know what to do if you win.


  • To participate in the block lotto, you must enable email for your blogger account.
  • If your blogger account name is not some recognizable version of your name, add your name to your message, as in “Kathie in Allentown”  Thank you, Kathie, I never need to guess who you are.
  • If the email address associated with your blogger account is not the same as the one you have provided to me, add your name to any comments you make.
  • If the email address associated with your blogger account is not the same as the one you have provided to me, send that information to me so your account won’t be deleted when I periodically sit down and check the almost 100 email addresses and disable accounts for those that haven’t made blocks for a while. If I cannot IMMEDIATELY identify an email address attached to an account, YOU WILL BE REMOVED as an author. Remember when everyone thought the best way to solve the limit on authors problem was for me to clean up the list more frequently … well because of all the mismatched email addresses, every time I have done this, it takes HOURS AND HOURS and the list has never been this full.

There are now almost 100 authors on this blog and I confess I have not yet committed all your account names (or blog names or email addresses) to memory.  When you post without identifying yourself, I have to open up my spreadsheet and try to match whatever clues you have provided to the information I have. I easily spent an extra HOUR tonight playing the match game on blog posts and email addresses attached to comments and still couldn’t identify one new-to-me email address.   I confess, I am at a loss to understand why some of the same people that thank me for all the time I spend on this little blog think nothing of making me spend even more, needlessly on them as I chase them down and figure out who they are every time they post, comment or send email. I no longer have enough bandwidth to solve those mysteries–if I don’t recognize who you are, you won’t get credit for your blocks until you update your blog post and identify yourself. It’s really a matter of common courtesy and good blogging to be clear about who you are to your readers (and me 😉

I will update the guidelines to reflect the new rules.   I appreciate everyone’s cooperation and CONSIDERATION.

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