First of my clover

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Here are the first two of my clover flowers. (I just managed to snap this picture before my kitten found his way into the frame.  He’s quite a camera hog.)

I really like this block.  I think it’s great that Kate designed it.  It’s easy to make, but looks complicated.  I was surprised at my lack of “cream” fabric, so there are only 2 so far. (The light makes my cream look a little white in this picture) I got a some more cream fabric yesterday so as soon as I can get it washed, I’ll make some more.  I’m actually on vacation next week, so it might be a couple of weeks, but I definitely will do more of these.

Janet S.

1 Comment

  1. How well I understand the cat in the photo challenge. Mine are the same.

    The camera flash can wash out those cream fabrics. The winner(s) will end up with a variety of creams and so some lighter and darker is perfectly OK, we just want to avoid any background fabrics that are truly WHITE.

    I've added your blocks to the list and look forward to seeing your next blocks.

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