It’s TIme to Mail the Red & White D4P blocks

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All NINE of our winners got back to me quickly–even the one I was secretly kicking myself about because I KNEW she was going out of town and I FORGOT to ask, “what if you win the block lotto?” Silly me,  I was more focused on recommending a Tex-Mex restaurant in Dallas 😉

Everyone who made D4P blocks should have mail from me, actually TWO messages because I hit send before I attached the mailing info sheet (2 pages).  Thanks, Brenda, for quickly letting me know.

I expect that my messages will end up in the SPAM folder for many (most) of you, if only because it was a very long distribution list–to mail systems, those long distribution lists are an indication of SPAM. If you don’t have mail from me, be sure to look in your SPAM folder first and, if it’s not there either, let me know and I’ll resend it to you.

I just read on Pat Sloan’s web page for the Red & White quilts that she is planning a Red & White challenge in the future.  If you like these blocks or like this colorway, you may want to stay tuned.

If anyone has extra blocks from March and would like to send them to Clare for her Quilts for Leukemia effort, email me for her mailing address.

If you post about mailing your blocks, please add the label D4P-mailed.

If you are a winner and posting about receiving blocks, please add the label D4P-received.

I’ve added the current set of labels to the right sidebar, as a reminder of what they are and a convenient link to quickly find the related blog posts.

1 Comment

  1. Thank you: the labels in the side bar is a great idea – I always get to the end of the post and then try and guess from the label list!!

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