To border or not to border…

Posted by on May 17, 2011 in blocks | 8 comments

that is my question!

My wonky churndash blocks have been on the design wall for some time, just needing setting triangles so I could sew them together. I have a project coming up that will need the design wall. So I finally decided on a single fabric for setting triangles and they are now sewn together. But I Think maybe need to add a border…not a big one but just a few inches all around of a solid/TOT, maybe red or bright rose pink which I would also use for the binding to frame the quilt nicely. What do you think? Color suggestions? I haven’t found backing fabric yet. I wish I had yardage of the setting triangles, but they are a recycled fabric my mom found.


  1. I think no border. By putting a border on it you are making wonky less wonky…. just sayin'.

  2. If you add another border it might be fun to use another black with red print or stripe.

  3. I say a small border – no more that 3" finished. Also, it should , I believe blend in with th e colors in the setting and side triangles, so as NOT to take attention away or distract from the beautiful focus fabrics in the center. (rho's 2 cents!)

  4. The lime and the yellow sing out to me, I think I would offer the zingy lime up to it, or a sunshine yellow and see what it looks like. But if unsure, it looks great as is, just a lime binding!!!

  5. I think if you choose anything except another black fabric, it will be the color that pops from the shoo fly blocks. From my perspective, I'd audition some red, a couple different greens and a purple (mostly because those colors are represented in the blocks and also in the setting triangles.

    I'd also consider using a few fabrics–why not 4 different fabrics using one on each side–or some other scrappy variation?

  6. YOu could always use Sophie's idea of several different fabrics and make them different widths for each side just to complete the wonky feeling of the shooflys…

  7. I like this quilt very much!!! I vote no on border….it has a vintage look and feel and by just adding the binding you will get finished faster (ha) and it will keep it's vintage air about it…..jus' my humble opinion!

  8. Hi — A group of 17 girls in my first year sewing class looked at your quilt this morning. They loved it. Here's their opinions. Eleven said no border. Six said put a border. They want you to border it in BRIGHT YELLOW or LIME GREEN (Remember they are 16 and 17 years old.) Thought you might find their opinions interesting. It's funny to watch how their opinions change — last year everyone wanted to do EVERYTHING in pink dots. This year apparently lime green and bright yellow are supposed to go with EVERYTHING. Blessings!

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