A Reminder about the June Fabric Guidelines

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The fabric guidelines for this month are:

  • You must use a purple, a green and a blue fabric in your blocks
  • If you make multiple blocks, EACH 3-FABRIC COMBINATION MUST BE UNIQUE

If it looks like you have used the same 3 fabrics in 2 or more blocks,  I will be in touch with you about it. You will have the following options:

  1. Change your blocks so EACH 3-FABRIC COMBINATION IS UNIQUE
  2. Don’t change your block–you will only get chances in the drawings once for each UNIQUE 3-FABRIC COMBINATION.  You can keep the duplicates or throw them into “the pot” as extras, but there are no chances in the drawing associated with them for you or to be donated to anyone else.

You might be asking yourself what the big deal is, since those who make multiple blocks often split them up and could send unique fabric combinations to each person, so someone could make 3 blocks each from the same 3 fabrics without having a problem . . .  but there ARE problems with this argument:

IT ISN’T FAIR to those quilters who are following the guidelines.  Someone who does NOT follow the guidelines should not end up with more chances in the draw than someone who DOES and makes fewer blocks because they have limited UNIQUE 3-FABRIC COMBINATIONS.

IT ISN’T REASONABLE to expect me to keep track of which of the 94 quilters in the group isn’t following the rules so that, at the end of the month, I distribute the “bad blocks” in such a way that the winners all end up with “good blocks.”  I already keep track of a lot of stuff related to the people making blocks and the blocks they make … expecting me to do more work to keep track of quilters who DO NOT FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES isn’t acceptable to me.

IT DOESN’T WORK if someone makes 2 pairs of blocks with the same 3-fabrics or 2 sets of 3 blocks from the same 3-fabrics.  2 pairs would be sent to the same person.  2 sets of three would be split between 2 people.  In both cases, winners would be receiving blocks with the same 3-fabric combination.   Any change of rules would have to be able to be applied to everyone, not just those making 9 blocks.

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