Clovers received

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I have received a packet of two clovers from Sophie this morning. Thank you, nice blocks. Three blocks from Lisa in Oak Harbour WA have not arrived. They are the last yet to come.
I was away last weekend at a “Quilting in the Trees”. It was our 25th anniversary there, and was three full days of various quilting related classes. I will post some pictures later when I get the last bits finished on the things that I worked on.
Thanks again for your blocks Sophie, and thank you for organizing each lotto every month.
Coralie from Canada.


  1. Thanks for the update Cory. I've sent email to Lisa to see if we can confirm if/when her blocks were sent.

  2. Hi Sophie I mailed out my blocks a long time ago I mailed mine and my Moms on the same day. I know we had a small problems with 1 set of blocks because I sent out mine and my Moms on the same day and we live in the same city could this be the same thing? I dont have my list any more so Im not sure if I sent 2 packages to her from me and my mom or not. I am sorry they have not gotten there. If you would send me the pattern and her address again I would love to remake them for her. And then check with my post office about them not getting there. I sent a box to my son that he didn't get and they sent it back to me but it took 6 months for me to get it back. I hope that is not what happened to her blocks. Please let me remake them and send them again I feel really bad about this. Thank You Lisa

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