June Block Winners!

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Congratulations to this month’s winners! I have stopped (briefly) from our packing and purging here in Hong Kong to post these names:

  1. Laura
  2. Shelley
  3. Linda N.
  4. Nancy
  5. Karen
  6. Mary Jane
  7. Pat
  8. Gail
  9. Vivi
Winners #1 – #8 will receive a set of 48 blocks
Winner #9 will receive a set of 32 blocks
Don’t forget to contact Sophie to let her know your wishes and have fun with these three cool colors!

***  Edited because MB had asked to donate their chances.  GAIL is our replacement winner ***

*** Edited again because of a non-response from one of our original winners, Vivi is the alternate for Jo ***

*** Edited one last time because of a non-repsonse from Vivi.  Jo is re-added to the list ***


  1. Thanks Kim, and congratulations to our winners. Look for email from me tonight or tomorrow morning. I'll be asking you to confirm your mailing address and asking how many of your own blocks you'd like to keep.

    Everyone else, hang tight–when I've heard from all NINE WINNERS, I'll be able to send out the mailing information to everyone.

  2. I'm glad to win these blocks! Purple, green and blue are 3 of my favorite colors and I love them together in this block!

  3. Sophie, I couldn't get my email service to work this AM so will post here…my addy was correct and I'll keep my blocks…5 grandbabies coming next week to stay for 2 weeks…I won't have the energy to go to the PO!!! 🙂

  4. I am having e–mail problems (stormy weather in drought stricken Florida YAY), so just in case my e-mail doesn't get thru: my blocks were all to be donated. Is it still possible to draw another winner?

    Marybeth in Florida

  5. Sorry about that, Marybeth. I randomly picked a replacement … and lucky number 92 is Gail G.

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