More Pineapple Blossoms in the Mail

Posted by on June 7, 2011 in blocks | 2 comments

My blocks went out today in fat envelopes–reminding me why we call them squishies–to Andra, Julie and Kathy.  My bonus triangle squares were split between Andra and Kathy, making their envelopes so squishy, the USPS declared them to be “packages” and not “letters.”

I walked to the Post Office and even though it was early, it was still pretty hot–Austin has been “enjoying” record highs already . . . and it’s not even officially summer yet. 

Cyndi in Pennsylvania California emailed me this morning from her phone to let me know that she’s mailed her blocks to Kim–she’s camping and there’s no WiFi 🙁


  1. No, it was Cyndi from California. I was at Craters of the Moon National Monument inIdaho, with no hookups or WiFi pr cell reception. I was able to email Sophie during a short jaunt to a nearby town. Now we're at a campground near Yellowstone with WiFi. Kathy-I found the bonus HSts (I didn't leave them at home) and will mail them to you later.

  2. Sorry about that Cyndi. With 96 of us in the group now, it's getting harder for me to keep everyone straight.

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