Newbie’s 3 patch for June 2011

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7 patches for June.
I am new to Block Lotto and new to Oman.  I am English, married to a Scotsman with 4 sons and 2 step daughters.  I like crafting of all kinds, painting, quilting and Golf.  The golf has gone by the wayside a bit here as it is so hot and will get hotter in the coming months.  I have found a quilting group here but there will be no more meetings until September as most of the expats go home to find cooler weather and I will do the same in the middle of July for 6 weeks.
I found Block Lotto while surfing and thought it would be fun and these are my first blocks for inclusion in the draw.  I look forward to attempting the new monthly blocks as it is good to use colours you would not normally choose and push the comfort zone a bit.  I found this block easy but can see from the photos already posted how choice of fabrics can change it.
Good luck to everyone in the draw.
My photography and technology skills are limited and this is my third attempt to post this picture so I apologise in advance if it does in fact appear 3 times and for the poor colour in the picture.

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  1. Welcome Jo! I'm so glad that you were able to conquer your technical difficulties and join us. I've added your blocks to the list.

    When I start feeling sorry for myself in the heat of central Texas … I can just think of you and remind myself how relative "warm" and "cool" can be 😉

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